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Christmas Tree Story

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Christmas Tree Story

As I was studying our Christmas tree this morning (for the millionth time), I was again reminded of how special this experience is for me...a journey actually. If you know anything about me, one thing should be clear, I love Christmas Trees... and ornaments. Every ornament is a story. I wish I had thought about doing this sooner, but we'll start with the 15th. This is the oldest and most special ornament on my tree. It is displayed prominently on my tree. It is actual blown glass and has appeared on EVERY tree in my life! This was one of four as I believe the other three have been broken over the years. This ornament IS my mother. It represents everything my mom loved about Christmas. I cannot walk up to my tree without fondly looking at it. I hope you enjoy my short Christmas Tree journey. May the CHRISTmas spirit be with you today.

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