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European Trip Journal - Day 2

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European Trip Journal - Day 2
The fact that I am actually typing this entry has to be some kind of miracle. Yes, Darlene and I made it all the way to Salzburg. We started out fine until halfway to the airport; I realized I had left my coat at home. The flight to Newark was uneventful. We had plenty of time to make our connection flight. All the planes were on time.

We landed in Z├╝rich (hey this keyboard has an umlaut- cool) this morning at 7:30AM slightly ahead of schedule. Oh by the way, try typing on a European keyboard where the z and y keys are reversed! You would have thought I actually knew what I was doing. We went through immigration, and directly to baggage claim and to the train office. I was able to finalize my other reservations and got the earlier train to Salzburg. We just arrived in Salzburg at 3:30PM (GMT+1) or 8:30AM for you. We've been traveling for almost 24 hours. My butt hurts.

On the flight from Houston to Newark, we traveled with the Houston Symphony. They are playing at Carnegie Hall tonight. We made many of them jealous because we were going to Salzburg to help celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday. Huge celebration.

The train ride was spectacular. They must have had snow last night because it all looks so fresh. The train was very nice and made 200 stops. It took us 5 hours and 49 minutes to arrive. We checked into the hotel and are about to go get Darlene her free glass of wine, then out to dinner somewhere. We MUST SLEEP! VERY TIRED!

I will try to post something tomorrow. We are off on the Sound of Music tour in the morning. The hotel has Internet access in a room in the lower level of the hotel. Cool. Talk to all of you later.

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